A shining monochrome mega-construction defies immediate identification of scale. Vulnerable, not to a rampaging Godzilla, but to the looming threats of a micro-apocalyptic light breeze or a ballistic projectile fired from the shoe of an unwitting passer-by. A potato city festers under the occupation of the microscopic civilization of bacteria resident since it's construction. Restricted by isometric scaffolding, shapes and colours converge to create puzzle-like structures: conjuring associations with the colourful complexity of a computer game world awaiting to be conquered by the never-to-arrive hero.

Fictional landscapes created through an exploration of techniques often used within the presentation of architectural concepts. Scale models, digital image manipulation and technical drawing have all been exploited to create artwork that is complex, colourful, repetitions, alive and ephemeral.


Peter Root was born in Jersey in 1978 and was raised and educated in Guernsey, both British Channel Islands. Since graduating in 2000 with a fine art degree from University College Falmouth, Peter’s work has achieved notable recognition including an exhibition in conjunction with the Saatchi Gallery London, in addition to a recent commission for LIVELIVEProject, a digital arts periodical and community engagement programme supported by the BBC.

As well as lecturing in Art and Media, Peter has worked in various professional fields including architectural presentation and model making, the associated techniques, both digital and physical, are evident in Peter’s drawings and architectonic installations.

Exhibitions/ Projects

September Occupying Potato: The Cult of Potato 2012. Islip Art Museum, New York
March Advertisement. INNOCEAN World Wide, Korea
March Spaceless Place. Studio 9, Istanbul

April - October Jive Software Promotional event - Download pdf here

Multiple screenings of The Making of Ephemicropolis on Japanese television in association with Formation, Japan and World Great TV, Japan

Features in the following publications; Ripley’s Believe it or Not, The Voice - Conversations with the Swatch Community, FHM Norway

December The Seals of Möbius. Atelier D’artois, Bordeaux
December The Phat Lady Sings. The Centrefold Gallery, Guernsey
November White Christmas. The greenhouse, Guernsey
November Guernsey Digital Detritus. BBC Big Screen Project/ Dover Arts Development
November Shortlisted. Guernsey Arts Commission housing scheme public art project
September Unchartered Islands. Greenhouse Gallery, Guernsey
September Encore des Tours? Atelier D’artois, Bordeaux
October Open studios. Park Street Studios, Guernsey
MarchVoyages of Exploration. Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey
March Immersive. Centrefold Gallery, Guernsey

Features in the following publications; Computer Arts magazine, Matrix/ Canada, Nisha/ Israel design magazine, Shanghai Morning Post, The Daily Mirror, FHM Malaysia, KLM inflight magazine, L'Architecture D'Aujourd'Hui,

April Space Invaders. The greenhouse, Guernsey

Saatchi Gallery Your Gallery exhibition. Guardian Newsroom and Archive Centre, London Artwork featured in The Guardian

March Culture and Leisure. Lemon Pink, Guernsey
September Arts Alive. Guernsey

Artwork featured in EMIT Records promotion

February Nearly Everything. Chitraniketan Gallery, Thiruvananthapuram